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Creation of a series of instrumental scores designed for music schools and conservatories, with considerable emphasis on works by young composers.
Regular additions are made to these collections for chamber music, piano, brass, cello, horn, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, percussion…
Their purpose is to meet the needs of instrumental players in phase with present day artistic aspirations and pedagogical realities.
By 2007 the catalogue included 700 titles by more than 100 composers.


Publication of the first facsimiles - the Musique Française classique collection.
The creation of this collection required a highly-qualified collaborator and a meeting with Jean Saint-Arroman was decisive for this new project. He proposed to Jean-Marc Fuzeau a series of facsimiles of major French classical works from the 16th to the 18th centuries.
The aim was to make available to musicians reproductions of the various sources of a work (original editions, manuscripts, sketches, period copies) as well as the explanations necessary to their comprehension (notation, terminology, bibliography, cultural environment).


First participation at the Frankfurt International Music Trade Fair.


Creation of the Dominantes collection, devoted to major works of Western music from the 16th to the 20th centuries, with original editions published during the composers’ lifetime or under their supervision. These editions are completed by musicological studies in three languages.


Creation of our first web site.


Creation of a new facsimile collection, “Méthodes & Traités”. This unique collection is devoted to theoretical works. It assembles documentation (methods, treatises, dictionary or encyclopaedia articles) on instruments, song, dance and composition. A total of 450 volumes will provide very complete information on each subject. Publication of these works in facsimile requires highly specialized abilities, in several stages, entrusted to c. 90 collaborators (of French, English, Italian, German, Hungarian, American, Danish, and Russian origins), all of whom are performing musicians.

2000 à 2008

Development of on-line sales

Publication of 420 new titles and creation in 2007 of a new collection: “FACSIMUSIC”.

Family Fuzeau
Family Fuzeau

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