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Classical Music scores - Sheet music - Nivers - Livre d'orgue des 8 tons de l'église - OrganNIVERS Guillaume-Gabriel (c.1632-1714)

Nivers was born in Paris. Ca 1651, he was engaged as organist of Saint-Sulpice and, in 1661, received “maître es arts” degree at the Paris university (Studies in philosophy, rhetoric, Greek an Latin grammar).

King’sorganist in 1678. The Queen’s “maître de musique” in 1681.

Head organist and “maître de chant” of the « Maison Royale de Saint-Louis de Saint-Cyr » (1686).

On the 13th of November 1714 Nivers died in Paris.

Nivers left a considerable fortune (200,000 livres and land), proof of his success.

- Organ book containing one hundred pieces. Book I. Paris (1665).

Extract of the very important preface by Nivers:

Classical music scores - Sheet music - Nivers Guillaume-Gabriel : Organ book containing one hundred pieces. Book IClassical music scores - Sheet music - Nivers Guillaume-Gabriel : Livre d'orgue contenant 100 pièces - Livre 1


Preface of Jean-Saint-Arroman : The first organ book of Nivers and the plainsong.

Preface of Philippe Lescat : biography of Nivers.

- 2. Livre d’orgue contenant la messe et les hymnes de l’église. Paris (1667).

This Organ Book is unique in French organ literature : it is not only a work in the preclassical style, and therefore quite rare in the repertory of the instrument, but also a work where the composition and inspiration are of considerable quality. These pieces for organ were all intended to alternate with specific plainsong extracts during the liturgy. The pieces are short and enable pupils to concentrate on each and every detail.

Preface by Jean Saint-Arroman : The treatment of the plainsong.

Preface by Philippe Lescat : Catalogue of Nivers’Works.

- 3. Livre d’orgue des huit tons de l’église. Paris (1675). (Ref. 2885)

Preface by Jean Saint-Arroman : Nivers’ registrations.

Preface by Philippe Lescat : The organs Nivers played.

- Motets for solo voice with continuo bass. Paris (1683). (Ref. 3289)

Although the motets are essential to understanding Nivers’ ornamentation, it is not because of there preface, but because most of the ornamentation is written out in whole notes and thus gives a guide to ornament performance.

Preface by Jean Saint-Arroman : Nivers’ornamentation. The motets of Nivers transcribed by Clérambault.

Preface by Philippe Lescat : Motets in the services at Saint-Cyr.

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